All of our chicken and ribs are handmade and unprocessed. It is available in many different flavors and sizes with many different available side sauces, therefore it is extremely difficult to get actual calorie counts on our food. Unfortunately we live in a world where most restaurant food is made in a factory to exacting specifications where it is easy to get accurate calorie counts. For those of us in the industry who choose to cook food with fresh ingredients rather than reheat something that was made hundreds of miles away and frozen, the demand for accurate nutritional info has been challenging.

The fact is, common sense dictates that a diet solely consisting of fried chicken, french fries and many of the other foods we and others serve will be unhealthy over time if not part of an overall well-balanced diet.

Gluten- All of our boneless wings and wings contain gluten and cooked in the same equipment as all the other food.