Marketing Manager

Location: New York, NY

Marketing Manager

Wings Over is seeking an experienced Marketing Manager. You will play an important role in the success of all Wings Over restaurants by setting a strong foundation for the development and execution of our marketing strategy. For us, great Marketing is as important as seamless Operations.

We encourage backgrounds outside of the hospitality industry. We want to be different. You must have a strong understanding of social media and marketing platforms. Be innovative and always pushing the boundaries. We are an established brand with a 2.0 spin on things. We are looking for a Marketing Manager to help Wings Over expand our presence beyond college-town markets.  

The Ideal Candidate has

  • A Passion for Service
  • A Passion for Restaurants
  • A Love for Great Food
  • An Eye for Marketing Ideas that are Unique and Memorable
  • An Eye for Social Media Trends
  • The Ability to Remain Calm in Moments of Pressure
  • True Care and Empathy for Other People

Core Responsibility Overview

  • Lead all branding and advertising opportunities
  • Develop local and national strategic partnerships to help increase Wings Over awareness
  • Generate content using graphic design programs (Adobe, Canva, etc)
  • Manage social media accounts, continually innovating with the latest trends
  • Draft press releases, sale packets and media documents
  • Create templates and brand standards for all franchise locations
  • Manage feedback across all relevant social media channels
  • Monitor and audit franchisee social media sites
  • Help with monthly, quarterly, and annual franchisee letters

Compensation & Benefits
Base Salary - Above average
Benefits - 50% Medical
PTO - Flexible vacation policy; (all PTO requests are pending approval)
Exceptional company culture and a cool group of intelligent, motivated, and diverse teammates
Unlimited snacks and coffee
Weekly team lunch from awesome restaurants
Team events on a monthly basis