Construction Manager

Location: The Nest

Founded in 1999, Wings Over set out to serve the best chicken wings! Since then, Wings Over has grown to over 40 locations across 13 states.

In 2017, Wings Over was acquired by four friends who set out to revitalize and re-imagine what Wings Over could be. Dan, Kevin, Mike, and Raunak, worked with their Wings Over Ithaca team to develop the future of Wings Over.

Wings Over has always served great food, but in addition, Wings Over now also believes in fostering an environment for their great people to succeed, creating a focused menu with higher quality offerings, and developing new spaces to allow for one-of-a-kind experiences.

Wings Over Team

Wings Over has been around for 19 years, but we operate as a nimble startup company. Service is at the core of Wings Over, so we keep our guests and employees at the forefront of our decisions. Everyone that joins the team must love the restaurant industry and have empathy for the people our decisions affect.

As a leader on the team, you will play an important role in the success of all Wings Over restaurants by setting a strong foundation in the development of the restaurant and its operations. You must have a strong understanding of restaurant operations to make recommendations, as well as use that experience to innovate and make things better. You will need to communicate with various parties to ensure a successful experience with Wings Over.

Mission: Our purpose, along with our successful franchise partners, is to provide the best service, chicken, and experiences, all across the world!
Vision: We will set the new golden standard for chicken wing restaurants.

You Have…

● A passion for service
● A passion for restaurants
● A love for great food
● An eye for constant improvement
● The ability to remain calm in moments of pressure
● The ability to anticipate and act
● The urgency to be of immediate assistance
● True care and empathy for the person on the other side

Qualifications & Required Skills

● Hospitality management experience
● Restaurant development experience
● Experience handling multiple projects simultaneously
● Strong AutoCAD and other software skills
● Strong written and verbal skills
● Ability to make quick informed decisions
● Desire to want to solve problems quickly
● Continuous learning and improvement
● Precise communication
● Proactive, confident, and motivated
● Strong work ethic
● Intuitive behavior
● Willingness to do whatever is needed

Core Responsibility Overview

❏ Development (85%)
❏ Project Management, Visits, etc.
❏ Do site visits to inspect prospective sites
❏ Ensure sites are ready for us to build and understand what improvements need to be made
❏ Work with team during leasing process to ensure favorable conditions for build out
❏ Work with architects and engineers to accomplish detailed plans
❏ Work to bid the best local contractor
❏ Manage communication between design, architect, engineer, and contractor parties
❏ Manage development and construction timelines across all parties
❏ Provide daily and weekly updates on projects
❏ Manage and adhere to project budget
❏ Streamline processes
❏ Participate and arrange all necessary inspections for construction and opening
❏ Anything else that may arise during the development process
❏ Compliance
❏ Apply and obtain all necessary permits
❏ Understand and abide by any local laws
❏ Anything else needed to ensure we are compliant in construction and operation
❏ Recruiting (15%)
❏ Plan
❏ Implement plan based on resource requirements and budget
❏ Process + Execution
❏ Determine + implement recruiting workflow and calendar
❏ Train
❏ Help others become better

Compensation & Benefits

● Base Salary - Above average
● Benefits - 50% Medical
● PTO - Flexible vacation policy; work hard and take time when you need it (all PTO requests are pending approval)
● Exceptional company culture and a cool group of intelligent, motivated, and diverse teammates
● Unlimited snacks and coffee
● Team lunch from awesome restaurants every Wednesday
● Team events on a monthly basis