Want to become an Official Wings Over WINGFLUENCER?!

Do you like social media, creating content, and FREE wings?! This opportunity is for you. 

From 10/3/22 – 10/24/22 you will have the chance to become the next Wings Over Wingluencer!

What’s a Wingfluencer?

A Wingfluencer is a Wings Over Social Media Ambassador. If you are selected to become a Wings Over Wingfluencer, we’ll give you free wings and swag in return for your monthly social Wings Over content!

Why be a Wingfluencer?

If we like your work and select you to be an official Wingluencer, you’ll receive: 

  1. $300/month in Wings Over
  2. Wings Over swag pack
  3. National exposure on Wings Over’s social media channels

How to get a chance to become a Wingfluencer:

  1. Follow @EatWingsOver on both Instagram and Tik Tok 
  2. Post at least one Tik Tok or Instagram Reel with Wings Over content between 10/3/22 – 10/24/22, the more the merrier!
  3. Tag us @EatWingsOver
  4. Use #Wingfluencer2022 in your post!